Tow Truck Service Can Make a Difference

Tow truck services are needed for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons that drivers require towing services include:

An ambulance has been called. It will be a long drive for someone to their destination and they are worried about how they are going to get there in one piece. This is especially true if the person has been in an accident or been involved in some kind of emergency. When people need to be safely removed from their vehicles, it is often wise to contact a local towing company for emergency towing services.

There has been a wreck at a major airport. Many passengers who were on a flight were unable to get off the plane and there were several emergency vehicles and taxis on the scene. The passengers, who had all been sitting in the middle seat, had to be removed from the aircraft. If the passengers had not been able to be removed from the aircraft by emergency workers and other drivers, many towing companies would have used their buses to transport the passengers to their destination. Good customer service and a fast, safe and reliable tow truck service can help ensure that all customers remain happy with their transportation experience.

We received a call from a customer who needed help getting his vehicle out of a snowstorm. The flat tire he was facing went down as he drove across a bridge. We contacted several towing companies and they offered to use their equipment to assist him with his problem. The flat tire took a few hours to repair, but he was able to get on the road before dark. A good tow truck service helped us when we needed them by contacting a number of different drivers to find out which one of them could get the job done the quickest.

Another time we called a tow truck service because our local mall had closed down for the day. There were two large trucks, two tow trucks, and an ambulance on the scene. One tow truck technician came to our location to assist us and told us that our vehicle would need to be removed from the parking lot because the police were sending out ambulances and fire trucks. They estimated that it would take seven hours to get our car out of the lot, including the time it would take to hitch it into the towing unit. They suggested that we contact Towing Pacific or one of their competitors to help remove our car from the lot, free us up for the day and get our car in the shop so that it could be worked on.

This experience has taught us two lessons. One is that a tow truck service can make a big difference in the way that our cars look and operate when they are being worked on. Two is that a company that we contacted did a great job taking care of our car and it was soon back on its way with no problems at all. It may not seem like much when it is only four bucks per mile but when you add up the dollars saved on auto repair and possible future maintenance, it adds up quickly. It is well worth the small amount of money that it costs to have a tow truck service, come out to help you every tow.